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     Dysphagia World: A Dysphagia CE Workspace

-Improving your dysphagia and modified barium swallow skills

As a FULL MEMBER all SLP's will have access to all pre-recorded sessions and live events offered by Dysphagia World. This includes all introductory courses, MBS case presentations and advanced courses.

Introductory Courses: Prerecorded or live courses:These courses are prerequisite skills to enhance the SLP's dysphagia skills, prior to performing modified barium swallow studies. These courses include assuring the SLP has a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology of the swallow, understanding teh normal swallow and the development of the swallowing system as we age, the impact of oral care on the elderly and more

Intermediate Courses: Case Presentations: These courses will include case presentations discussing pt specific presentations, interventions, MBS results and recommendations.

Advanced Courses: Exploring the MBS and other courses offered will focus on a deeper understanding of disease process and treatment techniques to enhance the skills of practicing speech-language pathologist .To improve and develop MBS testing skills, the ability to identify anatomy and physiology on the MBS, why compensatory techniques were implemented, identification of medical factors that may impact a patient's performance and/or treatment recommendations, with use of practice worksheets to analyze MBS videos.